Firmy a teambuilding - pořádání firemních akci na klíč Firmy a teambuilding - pořádání firemních akci na klíč Firmy a teambuilding - pořádání firemních akci na klíč Firmy a teambuilding - pořádání firemních akci na klíč



TEAMBUILDING programs are focused on building work teams, developing trust among their members, creating positive relationships, and enhancing mutual cooperation. We prepare and stylize them individually according to the client's requirements, placing great emphasis on personal communication from the start to the very end of the project. These are usually 1 to 3-day intensive programs in which we transform groups of employees into well-working teams.

We don't do teambuilding, we make teams

Common active experience of members is a fundamental element in creating the sense of belonging to the team. Activities are always "blended" to meet the individual needs and requirements of the client to maximize satisfaction for all involved. We also promote the idea of loyalty to the corporation.

Our most frequently implemented corporate programs:

  • One for all, all for one – team games are carefully designed according to your group's parameters, preferably focused on choosing optimal strategies and teamwork in solving presented problems and situations. It is important that all the participants are constructive, communicate with each other, and can adopt other people's solutions for the common success.
  • Cycling expedition - Cooperation of the whole team in searching for clues in an unknown territory as the only way to get back
  • Strategy game "Conquest of Bítov" – You cannot conquer the castle without teamwork, and no one can be left behind
  • Around Znojmo in five hours – A competitive journey full of overcoming obstacles and tasks in various means of transport
  • Adrenaline package – Roping down from a suspended bridge or a free fall into a giant swing are best done next to your colleagues you can always rely on
  • Something for everyone – Specially designed for adventurers

Programs can either be either offered by proven models or designed specifically as custom-made solutions. An individual approach to event planning ensures unique and unrepeatable experience. To spice things up, we also offer guided tastings of wine from Moravian vineyards, tours of unique wine cellars, whole-night indoor team games “Busy hands are happy hands”, or fun wine games “In vino veritas”.

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